For the safety and security of everyone involved in the event, participants will NOT be allowed to carrying/wear backpacks, camel backs, etc onto the courses.

Yes this is Texas, however the Alamo Run Fest has been designated such that 
guns are NOT allowed to be carried (either concealed or 'open carry') by anyone participating in ANY of the events of the Alamo Run Fest. This includes friends, family, spectators entering the Alamodome. It also includes the North and South Plaza area of the Alamodome.

Anyone entering the Alamodome is subject to their security checks. For a full list of their security policies, including prohibited items click HERE.  The Alamodome also has a 'clear bag' policy which they adhere to for all events in the Alamodome.  For complete information on this policy, including types of bags that are and are NOT allowed click HERE.  

Start Line, Gear Check, Hydration
Event Change, Bib Exchange & Deferals

Starting Line Instruction
Each event will have a different staging and starting time, so you’ll need to take these times into account when planning your arrival, parking, and preparation time before your event. Check back here for specific details about the various event staging timelines for all of the events as we get closer to the big day and have finalized all of the course details.  

​You will have your best race and help others do the same by insuring that you enter a realistic pace per mile and estimated finish time on your registration form. In order to make sure that every person has a great race experience participants will be asked to stage themselves based on their estimated race pace, faster runners to the front, slower to the back.  We’re all in this together so please do your part to help reduce bottlenecks on the course by entering your correct estimated times. Based on the size of the field in each event, wave starts may be implemented, so be sure to watch for details closer to the event. 

Drinking water and porta-johns will be available in the starting line area. Be sure to wear the number given to you in your packet on the FRONT of your shirt.

Gear Check
A free gear check area will be available in the North Plaza of the Alamodome on Sunday morning, south of the starting line area. All public entry and exit to the Alamodome for access to the Finish Line and post event Expo and festivities will be through the North Plaza entrance. This is also where runners will exit following the event and can re-claim any gear checked prior to the event. Check back here for details prior to the event. One way or the other, you are advised not to leave anything of value with your gear, whether checked or not, as the Alamo Run Fest is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Water Stops
Water stops will be set up at the start/finish line and at designated locations throughout the length of each course. Water stations are located at approximately every 1.2 miles on the Half and 10K routes. There will be one water station on the Alamo 5K route.  Not all stations will have electrolyte so be sure to watch for a list of those stations that do.

Restrictions on 'Other' devices on Routes
NO bicycles, hand cycles, skateboards, scooters, pets/animals, roller skates or blades are NOT permitted on the race course/s during the Half Marathon, 10K, 5K or Kids Run.  Baby joggers and strollers are allowed ONLY on the Alamo 10,000 and Alamo 5K courses however you must start from the back of the starting area and not run or walk in such a way or in groups such that you restrict the passage of other runners and/or walkers.  All baby joggers and strollers will be subject to search prior to entering the starting line area pens.  Each will also be given a sticker and/or special bib to attach certifying it has been cleared.  

Please NOTE, strollers and baby joggers not having these race issued clearance stickers/bibs will NOT be allowed to enter the starting area or run entryway into the Alamodome at the finish of the event. It is HIGHLY recommended that any children riding in a stroller or baby jogger while on the race course/s wear approved helmets that are fastened. 

As with most all events, we have a NO REFUND policy on entries.
We realize however that injuries occur, the boss sends you on an unexpected trip, etc. and you may have a need to change event distances, or not be able to participate. We have set the following policies in place and have worked to keep the additional charges for these services as low as possible.

Instructions for the following options:
(please read!)

Event Change, Transfers & Deferrals
The Alamo Run Fest uses the RunSignUp (RSU) registration platform for entering our events.  If you have entered this event you have a personal 'Profile' on the RSU platform All of the following items can be initiated from your RunSignUp Profile under 'Manage Registration' for this event.  When you completed your registration for the 2019 Alamo Run Fest you received an Entry Confirmation email.  Toward the bottom of your entry confirmation email is a link to 'Manage Registration'.  All the items listed below are handled from the Manage Registration page on your RSU profile.  Note that each of the items listed below has a 'change fee' associated with it (plus a small processing fee charged by RSU).

Race Changes (within the Alamo Run Fest)
Changing your entry from the 10K to the 5K, etc. are allowed through 4/5/19. There is a minimal $15 fee to change races. If there is a difference in the entry fee you paid and the current entry fee, you will also be charged the difference in what you paid and the current fee for the new race to make the change. If the race you are changing to is less, there is no refund for the difference, but you will incur the $15 change event fee.

Bib Exchanges/Entry Transfers (within the Alamo Run Fest)
Bib Exchanges/Entry Transfers - are what you would choose if it turns out you can't participate but want to transfer your entry to another runner, friend, family member. These are allowed through 4/5/19. There is a nominal $15 fee for this service.  

Deferrals (within the Alamo Run Fest)
Can't attend due to injury, plan change, etc? Defer your entry to next year's event. Deferrals from the 2019 event are allowed only for the 2020 event, date to be announced. There is a nominal $25 fee for this service. Once registration opens for next year, you will receive a communication from us providing the details of how to use your deferral to enter the same distance event. It will provide you a date window to use the deferral without a fee difference (based on next year's rates) being needed. If your deferral is not used within the 'window', you will still receive credit for this year's entry fee but you may incur an additional entry fee differential charge based on what you paid this year and the rate next year at the time you register. 
Like the Bib and Event changes above, deferrals are only allowed through 4/5/19.

NO joggers or strollers are allowed in the Alamo Half.